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This is a 200g pack of heart warming chilli hot chocolate powder mix that is perfect for a pick-me-up drink in place of coffee or just on a chilly evening! It has a super food base of cacao and lucuma, these two together are the perfect match. They can lift your mood and give you an antioxidant boost like nothing else. Because this is refined sugar-free and super low GI you can even have this for breakfast alongside your normal food. It will not give you a sugar spike like normal hot chocolate.

Get some ‘Hygge’ in your life with this amazing warming superfood drink. It is infused with deliciously spicy chilli and some Mayan spices to round off the heat a little. It really does warm you up from the inside!

It’s completely vegan (no honey, bee pollen or any animal products), there is no dairy, soya or gluten. It was not made with any form of palm oil. It’s free from all additives and preservatives. It has no refined sugar and is only sweetened with lucuma and coconut blossom nectar crystals. Suitable for diabetics, but please do check the nutritional data to ensure it is ok for you. Made with organic raw cacao from Peru.

It is made by mixing a little cold milk of your choice with a small amount of powder to make a smooth paste and then whisking in more hot milk until the desired strength is achieved. You can use any milk with this, we have experimented with all plant and nut milks and our absolute favourites are almond and cashew.

What you get:
A 200g ambient brown kraft pack. Shelf life of about 6 months. Resealable. Will make around 25-30 cups of hot chocolate.

INGREDIENTS: organic cacao powder, organic coconut sugar, organic lucuma, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, crushed black pepper, pink Himalayan rock salt.

1 review for Vegan Hot Chocolate ‘No5 Chilli’

  1. Davis Mortimer

    Arrived pretty quick and very pleased with the items. The Chilli cacao hot choc powder is lovely, can’t wait to try the other items. Discovered Brontie & Co. through ‘Sourced box’ and so pleased with the sample they provided.

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