Our delicious vegan hot chocolate was created to melt your worries away

It is liquid chocolate in a cup. As the cold winds of the winter season start to bite it is the perfect warm beverage to give you a gentle mood boost. Our silky hot drink is how cacao was prepared for thousands of years and we believe this is how it should be today – minimally processed, pure organic cacao, no refined sugar, no dairy, no additives or preservatives

All our vegan hot chocolate range is made with pure organic cacao and contains no refined sugar, so you can be sure its super healthy for you. Drink this anytime of the day or night to get a hit of slow release energy and a warm cosy feeling in your bones. A log fire is optional but highly recommended!


You have our promise that we will only ever use ingredients that we would be happy feeding to our own family. We will never use colourings, additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, lecithins or gums. If it’s not 100% natural, you won’t find it in our products.

We will never add refined white sugar to our products. The amount of sweetener we do add is kept to the absolute minimum. All our sweeteners are plant-based, low GI and, in moderation, considered an acceptable choice for diabetics and those following a low sugar lifestyle. Furthermore our vegan hot chocolate is suitable for paleo and Whole 30 lifestyles. Because our vegan hot chocolate is so rich you only need a small amount per cup, it works out at just 30 calories per serving.

Our ingredients are:
Fair trade, organic cacao*
Organic coconut palm sugar*
Organic lucuma*
Organic ginger*
Organic nutmeg*
Organic cinnamon*
Pink Himalayan rock salt

(*denotes an certified organic ingredient)

The Ritual of Preparation

Preparing a perfect hot chocolate is a bit of a ritual in our house. We do it every day and even the kids are getting pretty adept at it! It’s our way of bringing a little Hygge into our lives every day.

First warm your mug up a little, put it on a radiator for a few minutes or just wash it in super hot water. This is an important little step because it just keeps the cacao at the right temperature for that much longer. Giving you an extra few minutes of bliss.

Next the milk, we only use non-dairy milk such as almond, cashew or coconut (because we are human and not baby cows!). Our fav milk by far is the brilliant Rude Health’s almond milk. It is important not to over heat your milk, we have found 80-87 degrees is the sweet zone. You should be able take a sip without it burning your tongue.

Once you have your milk nice and warm then drop in two teaspoons (around 8g) of our dairy free hot chocolate mix. Whisk for at least a minute with a mini balloon whisk or just a small fork (a spoon just doesn’t cut the mustard and will leave it lumpy).

We like to take five minutes away from everything, especially our electronic devices, to really get the full experience of this exceptional drink. We hope you love this as much as we do!

Please do get in touch if you have any suggestions or pics to share. It just makes our day to see how much happiness our products bring you!