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Our vegan hot chocolate is made in an organic factory in the south of England from recipes designed by Brontie for maximum taste and healthy eating.

We use Peruvian Criollo cacao which is raw, organic, fair trade and ethically sourced. We make in very small batches and to a very high standard. Nothing unnecessary, fake or artificial is ever added to our mix.

We don’t need hundreds of chemicals added to our food, most of them are unnecessary bulking agents, fillers or preservatives.

Brontie & Co make a simple, delicious hot chocolate without anything unnecessary added. Clean, pure and delicious ingredients combine to form a melt in the mouth hot chocolate experience that is as good for you as hot chocolate can get.

Our hot chocolate is free from all allergens, there is no dairy, no gluten, no soy, no GMO’s and no refined or chemical sugars. Every flavour is 100% vegan and suitable for diabetics. Anyone can enjoy this hot chocolate.



Our organic, fair-trade cacao is sourced from Peru and is grown in fair trade plantations. The taste of this cacao is like no other and we believe the criollo beans that we use are some of the finest in the world. We pay our UK supplier a fair and decent price to ensure that farmers are able to make a living and continue farming this amazing plant.


We use only the finest ingredients that are certified organic and fairtrade. Our organic cacao is currently Peruvian and our organic coconut sugar comes from Malaysia.


Our hot chocolate is only sweetened with coconut palm sugar and lucuma powder. We have one of the lowest sugar percentages of hot chocolates available.


The protein content is approximately 20g per 100g and mostly found in the cacao.


Cacao contains lots of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. The best way for your body to access these is to eat unroasted, low sugar, dark cacao. These nutrients are not destroyed in the roasting process and you are not compromising your health by drinking hot chocolate full of sugar, fat and dairy.


We use pink Himalayan rock salt in nearly all our hot chocolate. Himalayan rock salt is an amazing salt, we use it to draw out the very best taste of the cacao. It just makes hot chocolate better and it boasts 80+ minerals and elements.


Brontie created her company to help people feel healthy and happy. Everything she does is a reflection of this mission.
Every thing in the Brontie & Co range is ‘free-from’ and sweetened only with plant based, all natural sweeteners; such as lucuma, coconut palm or carob. Brontie would never, ever make or sell something that she wouldn’t feed to her children regularly. Not only that, but she will never use cacao from questionable unethical sources. All our cacao is sourced from fair trade, organic suppliers and, as soon as possible, direct trade will be employed to source every ingredient. Our hot chocolate range is made with the best Criollo and Trinitaro cacao from Peru.

We are always mindful about added sugars. We are committed to using only low GI/GL sweeteners and only using a minimal amount to create a great tasting product.

We are committed to community and environmental values. We recycle everything we can and use recycled packaging throughout the range. We donate at least 15% of net profit after taxation to causes that touch our hearts. This year our recipients will be Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres). Wherever possible we are prepared to offer work placements to anyone struggling to get work or anyone who needs some experience.